Ain’t This Last Pic of Jang Wonyoung Legendary?

This is the last pic of her latest post

This is the first pic of her latest post

The last pic is really an un-edited pic taken with a normal camera

Just like a reincarnated bunny

So beautiful…


1. [+33][-2] Wow, a human being can look like this? So freaking gorgeous

2. [+32][-3] She’s freaking beautiful. Fxxk, nothing is coming out of my mouth apart from swear words

3. [+25][-4] She looks like an elf in those pics. I feel like she can film ‘The Lord of the Rings’ like that.

4. [+8][-1] She’s really sooooooo damnnnnnnn pretty. Wonyoungie must be enjoying it a lot when she looks at the mirror every single day.

5. [+6][-0] Wow, I feel like I’ll be speechless if I see her in person. Princess..