Have Y’all Seen Unedited Pics of Jang Wonyoung keke?

These pics are unedited with no retouches being done to her skin. This is ridiculous and I’m uploading these because I wanted to show her off……

For real, from her peeled-egg clear, porcelain skin

To her facial features, everything’s insane…


1. [+303][-17] She even has good skin too? The world only loves Jang Wonyoung way too much, no?????

2. [+145][-15] I’m not her fan, but this makes me think – did God pour the whole beauty potion by mistake when he was creating Wonyoungie..

3. [+115][-9] How is her skin so good kekekeke

4. [+47][-0] I zoomed in and I’m fxxking envious of her skin. Her makeup artist calls her a ‘devoted daughter’ because her makeup never falls part. For that you need to have good skin. It means she doesn’t have pores, oils or unevenness.

5. [+30][-3] Princess