There’s No Way ITZY Ryujin Won’t Have Gotten Casted on the Street

These newly posted old pics of her are super pretty

Yeji Ryujin Lia Chaeryeong Yuna ITZY


1. [+52][-2] Nayeon also said during her trainee period when she first saw Ryujin, Ryujin was dark-skinned but because Ryujin was pretty, Nayeon said Ryujin looked like one of the celebs.

2. [+42][-1] Who would’ve known she could dance insanely well on top of having those visuals

3. [+33][-1] Sooo freaking pretty

4. [+16][-1] She looks so much like the actress Kim Jieun

5. [+10][-0] Ryujin’s face is really naturally beautiful, with no surgeries done at all. So pretty, saranghae❤