Looking At Ryujin & Yuna Makes Me Feel That Luck Is Really Important In The Entertainment Industry

In the beginning when their debut teasers were released, people were going crazy saying things like ‘the best gems are appearing’, ‘their skills are fxxking amazing’, but different from expected, they’re not that popular rn,, Surprisingly, rival groups who are being dissed for lacking in skills are more successful. Luck is really important in our lives.


1. [+379][-15] But still, ITZY is still considered fxxking popular, they’re just not the one-top.

2. [+302][-14] ITZY is quite popular though…?

3. [+235][-22] Can’t you feel how rude a post like this is… ITZY members are sufficiently satisfied with their careers, why are Pann-nyeos posting stuff like this?

4. [+130][-4] JYP’s planning is the limitation.. It’s really a pity. They made it to this spot today because of their skills.

5. [+117][-3] Honestly it’s amazing how they couldn’t make ITZY a tier 1 idol with Yeji, Yuna and Ryujin in the group, when their personal skills are really the best.