Do Y’all Not Really Like Idols Acting?

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1. [+163][-0] It is a bit.. y’know.. when they’re not good at acting but they get to play the main role or a role that’s somewhat important

2. [+159][-0] The public basically doesn’t remember Seo Hyunjin and Im Siwan’s idol days so I don’t think they’re the idols that OP is talking about

3. [+147][-4] If they’re good at acting, it doesn’t matter. Bona was decent in 2521 as well no? But if an idol is fxxking bad at acting but they immediately get to play the main role, it makes me not like them anymore when I see their bad acting.

4. [+127][-2] I don’t really like it when Joy keeps on getting important roles thanks to her agency because she’s not good at acting.. For idols like D.O. or Seo Hyunjin, I have nothing to say if they’re good at acting keke Bona played a main role in 2521 but there were no controversies because she’s good at acting.

5. [+78][-1] It’s definitely Hyeri when we’re talking about this… She’s not good but every year she keeps on filming more dramas.