SinB Who Treats WJSN Members Differently kekekekekekeke

Filming with her bestie

Filming with her dear lil dongsaeng

SinB who adores Yeoreumie

omo Yeoreum ah!!!

omo Yeoreum ah!

[ex) Yeoreum ah you’re awesome (claims)

Filming with the unnie she likes

Cute kekekekekeke

Fan: Unnie… Do you have any female idols that you wanna get close with?

SinB: Ah, Seola-nim. She’s pretty, Her beauty is too much.

(+) Eunseo who’s standing next to VIVIZ by herself

Eunseo’s mysterious/SinB* life ~~~~~~~

*wordplay – mysterious in Korean is shinbiroeun, and SinB is pronounced as shinbi


1. [+38][-0] VIVIZ members are all obsessed with Yeoreumie kekeke After Umji exchanged phone numbers with Yeoreumie, Yeoreumie wished her a happy birthday, so Eunha wanted to exchange numbers too kekekeke

‘I don’t have it though… (jealous) Yeoreum ah!!! Yeoreum ah, me too… Wish me a happy birthday too~!’

2. [+19][-0] SinB x Seola is sweet, guys

3. [+17][-0] I hope their friendship lasts long..

4. [+9][-0] She shines super bright on stage but when she’s off stage she becomes a shy kitten

5. [+7][-0] Gimme Exy x SinB moments too – they drank beer together. Gimme Luda x Eunha moments too – they adore each other. Gimme them moments. Just gimme all of them!!