I Feel Like Many Male Idols Peak at 19

This is my subjective opinion

But when I look at all the faces I liked so far, they’re all from the age of 19.


TXT Beomgyu

EXO Sehun

NCT Jaemin

I really like boyish faces!


I was tryna see what’s in common between my favourite fancams

And I was amazed after finding out they were all 19 at the time, that’s why I wrote this postᵕ̩̩ ᵕ̩̩ 

I’m not saying they don’t look that good after the age of 19,

I’m just saying – apparently many male idols look beautiful when they’re 19!

That’s what I thought and that’s why I wrote this post!! Don’t get too offended..

Also, people have different preferences

As you can see, I like beautiful people hehe

(I’m younger than these oppas.. I’m sorry…)

Goodbye then


1. [+145][-5] 19-yo Na Jaemin’s really… No words can express that vibe

2. [+77][-2] Sehun’s a legend.. If we count backwards from now, 19-yo means born in 2004 – does this make sense?

3. [+61][-12] 19-yo Park Sunghoon who is filled with spiteful vibes after debuting from a survival show is just legendary.

4. [+36][-4] I love 23yo Na Jaemin too

5. [+34][-1] There’s really something about the age of 19