Small/Medium-Sized Agency Girl Group Visuals

LOONA – Heejin x Hyunjin

Kep1er – Kim Chaehyun x Choi Yujin

WJSN – Bona x Seola

(G)I-DLE Shuhua x Miyeon

IVE – An Yujin – Jang Wonyoung

STAYC – Yoon x J

OH MY GIRL – Arin x YooA

Girl group visuals from small/medium-sized agencies these days are fxxking insane


1. [+120][-5] Girl groups are full of visuals, regardless of whether they’re from small/medium-sized agencies or big agencies. The average visuals are also super outstanding. But boy groups these days…

2. [+74][-4] What’s going on with all the boy groups? The average is too low. Visuals obviously, but also skills and personality..

3. [+19][-9] Isn’t it Kim Chaeyun, Shen Xiaoting and Kang Yeseo for Kep1er??

4. [+18][-0] You picked the visuals well but your choice of pictures is a bit of a pity..

5. [+6][-0] Starship and Cube are not small/medium-sized.. Especially Starship.