Why are these Visual Combos Like this… ke

First of all, I’m a BLINK

Winter & Karina

Sullyoon & Haewon

Leeseo & Yujin

Nayeon & Sana

Irene & Joy

Sullyoon & Jinni

Irene & Seulgi


Sulli & Krystal

++ Jang Wonyoung & An Yujin (+Kim Minjoo)

Seola & Bona

These people just drive me crazy

(I saw the comments and I really wanna add more but there’s a number limit per post..? ha)

BLACKPINK Jennie Jisoo

aespa Karina Winter

NMIXX Haewon Sullyoon Kyujin Jinni

IVE Leeseo An Yujin Jang Wonyoung

TWICE Nayeon Sana

Red Velvet Joy Irene Seulgi

WJSN Seola Bona

f(x) Sulli Krystal


1. [+170][-10] I get all the others in the post but isn’t Sulli/Krystal legendary too? The fact that Sulli is way taller, which is different from her image, is also what I really like about them,, This is good memories because we’ll never get to see this duo ever again.

2. [+139][-30] Personally I think the legendary visual combo of NMIXX is Sullyoon/Jinni.

3. [+119][-80] Karina/Winter really brings me to heaven.

4. [+74][-30] I think the visual combo of Liz/Rei is great too.

5. [+25][-6] Mina & Sana