Wow Jisoo’s Beauty These Days is Insane

She’s always looked amazing but ain’t her visuals working really hard these days? Her vibe is really unique. It seems like their comeback is really approaching… ㅠㅠㅠ Speaking of which, she seems to have enjoyed Snoopyland thoroughly kekekeke


1. [+28][-5] The Jeju girl is so pretty ㅠㅠ and cute

2. [+18][-3] She looks so fresh it’s unreasonable.. She looks so beautiful under natural lighting

3. [+16][-1] She looks more natural and beautiful because she used iPhone’s basic camera with no beauty apps. Of course this is only possible because she has a pretty face.

4. [+15][-4] Saranghamnida, our Jisoo-ssaem.

5. [+10][-1] Jisoo’s always been skinny but looking at how she lost even more weight recently, their comeback is coming kekekekeke