During the Concert, Stray Kids Felix..

Cried really sadly right..

Until recently, his parents couldn’t go out and it seems like he’s been having a hard time because he couldn’t dance due to his herniated disk.. For real

He was crying for almost an hour…

The guy who started the performance like this..

Seriously, i choked up seeing this ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

And also, I was even more touched when I was watching this…

Stray Kids and Stays, be together forever..


1. [+35][-1] Dunno if you’ve seen this but check this out too. Yongbokie was holding the paper airplane with his trembling hands, and on the plane it says ‘I’ll believe in you till the end. I promise.’ ㅠㅠ https://twitter.com/felixyomo/status/1520749581394669568?s=21&t=Pp43EQiKMgMIGkB0ACmJ5A

2. [+32][-2] I’m not his fan but I cried after seeing that video…

3. [+29][-1] ILY

4. [+16][-0] But he looks so cute when he’s crying kekekeke Chan was like ‘who’s the only one?’ and Felix was like ‘hing’ (sound expressing sad emotions), super cute kekekekekeke I just wanna put something sweet in his mouth keke

5. [+13][-] He was in this condition for a whole hour…