This Pic is Kinda Amusing..

It’s a pic of BTOB Minhyuk, but I can see TXT Soobin in it, and I can kinda see Nam Joohyuk in it too.

If not then nevermind haha


1. [+213][-1] If he’s topless, then he’s Lee Minhyuk.

2. [+86][-3] No but that chest tho.

3. [+58][-1] From the thumbnail it looked like Soobin but when I clicked onto the post it looked like Minhyuk.

4. [+22][-0] If you’re confused between Minhyuk and Soobin, just check – is he topless? If yes, then it’s 100% Minhyuk kekekeke

5. [+17][-1] Do you not know Nam Joohyuk? They don’t look alike at all.