Don’t Y’all Agree that Jinni’s Also Fxxking Beautiful..

NMIXX Jinni is also fxxking pretty, for real.

I was watching YouTube when I became interested in her and started searching her up.

Please don’t say bullshit like it’s just because she’s viral nowㅡㅡ

Lastly, a pic of SullyoonJin


1. [+116][-29] I think Jinni is prettier than Sullyoon… Just my opinion.

2. [+98][-1] Waiting for her black hair.

3. [+63][-1] If Sullyoon feels like Bambi, then Jinni feels like a bunny+a fox.

4. [+50][-1] She’s really so pretty ㅠㅠ

5. [+34][-1] Her black hair is very charismatic.