Wow Now I See Winter Back in her Black Mamba Days

Yea ㅠㅠ That’s what I’m saying, she suits this kind of styling perfectly – long, bright-dyed hair


1. [+280][-30] Am I the only one who’s a fan of her short black hair with bangs ㅠㅠ She looked really pretty and unique with that hairstyle. Of course she looks pretty with this too but…

2. [+108][-38] She definitely has warm-toned skin. Winter suits this kind of hair colour way more than black hair.

3. [+51][-3] Heol, her hair colour is so pretty.

4. [+49][-1] I also think she looked prettiest during early debut. She looks cool with short hair.

5. [+13][-2] I felt this during the Savage era too – Winter looks like a doll kekekeke