Heol, Apparently Na Haeun Joined SM as a Trainee *shook*

During 2017 MMA, Kai jokingly said to her ‘join SM~’

And that turned into reality *shook*

She gave up on her YouTube channel with 5.2M subscribers.. Looks like she’s ready for this


1. [+133][-3] This is a bit unexpected. It felt like SM doesn’t really like kids whose faces are well-known though.

2. [+119][-1] As a YouTuber who has over 5M subscribers, it’s fully possible for her to become a dancer when she grows older but she turned that down and joined SM as a trainee. From that, doesn’t it seem like SM kinda gave her some assurance? Cus it’s not like her profile only got released after being a trainee for n years.

3. [+66][-12] Ehh??????? Didn’t she say her dream’s to become a dancer? But still, she’s a 09=liner. An SM trainee..woah..

4. [+50][-0] The lil kid who even took a pic with Kai is already a trainee now. I feel like it’s gonna go well.

5. [+41][-0] I thought big agencies won’t want her because she’s already too famous. Unexpected.