Yuna Makes Me Go ‘Celebs are Celebs After All..’

She looks good even in this extremely awful angle…. Super beautiful


1. [+ 31][-0] Yuna yah, I did a good job right????


Have you seen it??

Raise your hand if it made you smile/laugh

Good job

2. [+30][-1] Last time I saw a comment on Talkers’ Choice talking about how they’re worried because Yuna doesn’t really smile much these days. She really looks prettiest when she’s smiling.

3. [+16][-1] Yuna looks even prettier because of her personality. She has the energy that can lighten up people’s mood.

4. [+16][-0] You can tell she’s a celeb even if she’s all covered up.

5. [+13][-0] She’s really a hot girl.. Give her some individual activities, please.