No But Momo’s Body is Seriously Fxxking Insane…

I’m jealous, fxxk.


1. [+236][-5] Everyone in TWICE… has a healthily skinny body.

2. [+213][-10] But Nayeon who’s beside her ain’t bad either? Why do TWICE members have such beautiful bodies?

3. [+132][-15] Don’t you think Momo’s legs are freaking dope? She has wide hips that’s why her thighs don’t touch at all, her legs are straight…

4. [+107][-2] But everyone in TWICE lowkey has a fxxking nice body.. It’s fascinating because all 9 of them have good balance. Even though there’s a height difference, their body proportions are similar, so it doesn’t bother me when they dance.

5. [+62][-30] What makes her actually so perfect is the fact that she has a freaking huge chest on top of being so slim.