NCT Jungwoo Looks Cute Here

My heart’s kinda going pit-a-pat.


1. [+33][-0] For that question, he’s a puppy saying he’s happy when he gets to eat delicious food when his schedule is over kekekekekeke Of course, meat is the way to go.

2. [+25][-0] In the meantime, look at his shoulders..

3. [+12][-0] I feel like he’ll get more popular…… I just feel it. It’s weirder if he doesn’t. When it come to idols, there’s always one member who seems to be a good fit for an acting career, and I kinda feel like he has a lot of potential.

4. [+11][-0] In video fansigns, he appears like a puppy who’s extra cute kekekekeke But when I watched his stage fancams, I was shook because he looked like some super tall, chic, handsome guy.

5. [+9][-0] The things he does are cute too ㅠㅠ Ever since debut, he’s had the habit of putting his hands together ㅠㅠ Cute