+I’m gonna do one for Taeil next. Our Moon Myeongchang(famous singer)-nim❤️

NCT 127 NCT DREAM Mark Lee Minhyung


1. [+174][-1] 240

2. [+130][-1] 243

3. [+113][-0] 244

4. [+95][-0] I’m a fan but sometimes I still find it strange that he debuted in 4 different groups, and with each group the role he plays within the group is different. But to memorise all the songs and choreographies for 4 different groups must not be easy, yet Mark always does a great job. He is not my ultimate bias, but he’s a member that I always like.

5. [+66][-0] 200

6. [+60][-0] 237

7. [+59][-0] 189

8. [+44][-0] 211

9. [+30][-0] If you delete this post, I will sue you.

10. [+24][-0] .

11. [+21][-0] It seems that Mark’s nose is truly a godsend.

12. [+18][-0] Kitty cat.

13. [+16][-0] His face is strange, it’s cute yet he also looks sexy..

14. [+15][-0] Lee Min-Hyung is f**king sexy.

15. [+11][-0] Marky, please wear a Harry Potter costume for next halloween. Really, you must do it and please wear Gryffindor colors. Harry’s round glasses are also a must.

16. [+10][-0] This shows that you don’t have to take off your clothes to be sexy.. this is a good order and selection of GIFs kekekekeke. After the first GIF, the rest of the GIFs look like a sexy but innocent man.