Even International Fans Know Shuhua is the Only One Wearing Different Outfits

No one thinks she’s wearing like that because she gained weight, right?

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1. [+53][-1] No but regardless of everything, what on earth do y’all think idols are? Why is it even a controversy if they wear something that’s less / not revealing?;

2. [+37][-2] But isn’t it good for Shuhua to continue wearing like that?? I feel like because Shuhua’s the maknae, they treasure her more. This shows her personality and she’s cute.

3. [+31][-0] Shuhua wore a short top today, even if it’s not a crop top! She lost some weight recently so she’s looking prettier.

4. [+8][-0] Right, that’s true. Even the members say Shuhua likes covering up keke

5. [+6][-1] (G)I-DLE’s outfits today were fxxking pretty. Thank you, coordi-nim.