NCT DREAM Really Did Well During Their Encore

I watched their #1 encore stage today, and all 7 of them were dope.

Especially Chenle, he sounded just like the soundtrack kekekeke

Mark is good at rapping as usual.

Haechan was just screaming high notes, I was really surprised kekekekeke

Jeno’s rap sounded really good too.

Congrats x2 to all 7 of them~


1. [+12][-0] They sang live on the radio as well, please check that out too.

2. [+6][-0] I think Chenle’s live singing is really stable. He’s fxxking good.

3. [+2][-0] Jeno was really handsome on that day.

4. [+1][-0] Our DREAM is amazing.

5. [+1][-0] DREAM is good at singing live haha thanks for the compliment.