Why is NCT Haechan’s Hair Like This

Why do they make it so shaggy;;

Can’t they make it look rounder????!!


1. [+39][-0] I liked ‘We Go Up’ era the most ㅠ The hairstyles of all the members

2. [+29][-0] His hairstyle during ‘BOOM’ please…

3. [+28][-0] It’s not that he looks ugly with that hair, it’s just that it doesn’t really suit Haechan’s image.

4. [+7][-0] Haechan’s hairstyles for NCT 127’s schedules are better. At least Bit & Boot (salon) does a good job.

5. [+4][-0] But it seems like he himself likes long hair. Ever since 2020, his hair’s been cycling through long and short.. Can’t he just keep it short and clean?