Nayeonie Mentioned NMIXX kekeke Cute❤️

Nayeon: How’s ‘O.O’ (by NMIXX)?

Nayeon: I like ittttttt

I fxxking love JYPnation

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1. [+41][-5] During their VLIVE yesterday, Stray Kids Changbin & Hyunjin also mentioned that the members are really skilled and talented.

2. [+19][-7] JYP is good because they don’t do plastic surgery.

3. [+8][-0] Sweetheart ㅜ So, when will we get to see JYPnation again..?

4. [+4][-0] Heol, she looks freaking beautiful in that selca.

5. [+2][-0] Nayeon x NMIXX, love it ㅠ