But Why Is Sullyoon Not The Centre?

Compared to the others, her visuals feel so much like a centre.. Are her skills not good enough?


1. [+381][-5] Not that the others are ugly, but Sullyoon just looks like a centre, for real.

2. [+367][-88] Excluding Sullyoon, they all look like ordinary people.

3. [+232][-2] Feels like Jinni and Kyujin tend to be in the centre position quite a lot? Just like how Nayeon feels like TWICE’s centre and Ryujin feels like ITZY’s centre, while Tzuyu and Yuna are the main visuals, it seems like they just naturally end up being in those positions.

4. [+151][-14] Excluding Sullyoon, they don’t look like they’re from JYPE….

5. [+97][-14] Wow, are the other members the same ones that appeared in the teasers? Looks like there was lots of heavy editing.