Jennie Who’s Jealous Of Jung Haein;

Jennie: I got a bit jealous after watching that.

Jisoo: What, what is it?

Jennie: It was one of unnie’s interview videos, and he (Jung Haein) knows you so well, saying he’s a BLINK.

Jisoo: But you know me better.

Jennie: True, I know you better, that’s why I got a bit jealous.

BLINK Jung Haein kekeke

Because I’m a BLINK

That’s why I know everything

BLACKPINK Jisoo Jennie Rosé Lisa Snowdrop Jung Haein


1. [+24][-4] Cute Jendeukie

2. [+21][-2] Jennie might be joking but I totally understand that feeling kekekeke When your good friend has a new friend.. That feeling.

3. [+20][-1]❤️❤️

4. [+15][-2] That was so cute and funnyyyy Both Jung Haein the BLINK and Jennie who’s jealous kekekekeke

5. [+12][-1] Super cute