SEVENTEEN Hoshi’s Casual Outfits Are So My Type

I’m posting these pics because Hoshi’s style is totally my type..

His outfits are kinda heart-fluttering, you know what I mean right..???

SEVENTEEN Hoshi Kwon Soonyoung S.Coups Jeonghan Joshua Wonwoo Woozi Jun Dokyeom Mingyu The8 Seungkwan Vernon Dino


1. [+77][-0] There was this story in the past – someone was at a zebra crossing and they saw a person who’s dressed super cooly on the opposite side so they thought to themselves ‘the person is really dressed like SEVENTEEN, does he think he’s an idol?’ and when they crossed the zebra crossing the realised the person was actually Hoshi.

2. [+54][-1] I collect pictures as well because I love Hoshi’s casual outfits.

3. [+49][-1] The horangi (tiger) dresses well too.

4. [+36][-0] First of all, he just looks fxxking amazing in anything.. Everyone thinks Hoshi is short. But for a 177, he’s not that short – his head is fxxking small and his legs are really long. His fit is fxxking good and he has good fashion sense too, always looking good with his own fashion style.. I also think his style is my type.

5. [+19][-0] It’s so nice that he started using Instagram and often uploads pictures of himself in casual outfits.