The Power Of Dieting Is Really Amazing

Giselle became so fxxking pretty.


1. [+71][-2] My chin really dropped when I saw this. I’m really curious about SM’s unique dieting method that makes people become prettier without being obvious.

2. [+52][-6] Looks like she received intense meridian therapy keke

3. [+36][-0] Please, SM, hospital or whatever, give us some info. For public interest, please.

4. [+17][-0] She can’t change so much just with meridian… especially if it’s within such a short period. Seems like it’s contour surgery+post-surgery care. She definitely became a lot prettier.

5. [+7][-6] For real, idk what’s different but she’s freaking pretty now. I hope SM can help me as well. Shouldn’t it work.. as long as I’m a human..?