Rain – Bad Man

BTS – Fire

BIGBANG – Bang Bang Bang

H.O.T – Candy

TVXQ – Mirotic

Personally I fxxking liked ‘Bad Man’ and ‘Fire’.

During the dance break in ‘Fire’, Yeonjunie was in charge of the dance in the centre position and he did fxxking well. In ‘Bad Man’, I liked it because his physique and dancing was amazing.

My favourite GIF from today ㅠㅠ Choi Yeonjun slayed K-pop.

For his fancam, watch this: https://youtu.be/GbpQxo_oNxI


1. [+193][-11] Merit of TXT’s year-end stages = A group owned by Choi Yeonjun

2. [+159][-7] For real, I was proud to hear lots of other people saying Yeonjunie is good.

3. [+153][-6] Choi Yeonjun is the best…

TXT Yeonjun

4. [+56][-0] The fact that Yeonjunie was assigned to be the centre in ‘Fire’ when there are 12 people who can dance well means even HYBE approves him as an all-rounder.

5. [+45][-0] Wasn’t it freaking amazing kekeke Ahhh my smile is coming out looking at this.