Honestly, before I watched MAMA I still disagreed, but after watching them I felt like crying. Maybe rather than reuniting as a group, I hope they can do something like Super M, since they all have their own groups right now.


1. [+70][-2] I’m an ex-Wannable and I hate this kind of post sooooo fxxking much. This is only gonna attract aggros and those who are gonna get scolded are the members.

2. [+68][-3] I’m an ex-Wannable and I don’t want them to reunite because there are so many akgaes.

3. [+53][-4] I like Wanna One but I don’t want them to reunite. Do y’all have conscience? Leaving so many malicious comments.

4. [+43][-26] Is this bullshit? If Wanna One’s gonna reunite, then why did X1 disband, and why is IZ*ONE being criticised?

5. [+21][-14] The artist is trash, the fandom is trash too.