Artist of the Year: BTS
Song of the Year: BTS (“Butter”)
Album of the Year: BTS (“BE”)
Worldwide Icon of the Year: BTS

Best New Artist (Female): aespa
Best New Artist (Male): ENHYPEN
Best Group (Female): TWICE
Best Group (Male): BTS
Best Artist (Female): IU
Best Artist (Male): EXO’s Baekhyun
Best Vocal Performance: IU (“Celebrity”)
Best Dance Performance (Solo): BLACKPINK’s Rosé (“On the Ground”)
Best Dance Performance (Female Group): aespa (“Next Level”)
Best Dance Performance (Male Group): BTS
Best Collaboration: AKMU (“NAKKA” with IU)
Best Music Video: BTS
KTO (Korean Tourism Organization) Breakout Artist: Brave Girls
Best Band Performance: JANNABI (“A thought on an autumn night”)
Best Hip Hop & Urban Music: ASH ISLAND (“Melody”)
Best OST: Jo Jung Suk (“I Like You” from “Hospital Playlist 2”)
TikTok Favorite Moment: BTS
Choreographer of the Year: Leejung Lee
Best Engineer of the Year: Gu Jong Pil, Kwon Nam Woo
Best Video Director of the Year: Lumpens
Best Art Director of the Year: MU:E
Best Composer of the Year: Yoo Young Jin
Best Producer of the Year: Teddy
Best Executive Producer of the Year: Bang Si Hyuk
Best New Asian Artist (Vietnam): Hoang Duyen
Best New Asian Artist (Indonesia): Lyodra
Best New Asian Artist (Thailand): SPRITE X GUYGEEGEE
Best New Asian Artist (Mandarin): Anson Lo
Best New Asian Artist (Japan): Ado
Best Asian Artist (Vietnam): Quan A.P.
Best Asian Artist (Indonesia): Anneth
Best Asian Artist (Thailand): Tilly Birds
Best Asian Artist (Mandarin): ACCUSEFIVE
Best Asian Artist (Japan): JO1
Favorite Asian Artist: INI
Favorite International Artist: Ed Sheeran



1. [+385][-14] BTS achieved all-kill in MAMA 3 years in a row.

2. [+183][-2] Well, at the end of the day, everyone received the awards they deserved according to the results achieved.

3. [+177][-161] MAMA was the most fun when YG idols attended, especially whenever BigBang performed.

4. [+144][-165] I miss Jungkook’s and IU’s 2-shots during award ceremonies..ㅠㅠ Jungkook really likes IU.

5. [+143][-2] Where are all the kids who said that they won’t win if they don’t attend? ~ kekekeke