I’m not tryna talk shit about anyone, but don’t you think they have the same vibe? If not then sorry..


1. [+78][-0] That’s crazy, that kid from ‘K-pop Star’ is so grown up now?

2. [+54][-0] Indeed, she’s prolly gonna be in charge of snatching the hearts of international fans just like Lisa.

3. [+43][-26] I feel like she’ll be the only one who’ll stand out… She doesn’t match the image of the group.

4. [+19][-0] But for real, it’s been too long since she appeared on ‘K-pop Star’, they should really let her debut, properly.

5. [+14][-24] Who do you think Lisa is kekekekeke Her physique, her visuals, her aura. Her existence itself is just unrivalled;;