Western celebrities who took pics together with

BTS who attended

The American Music Awards (AMA) – one of the top 3 music award ceremonies in the US.

New Kids On The Block

Actress born in 2004

Marsai Martin

Boyz II Men member

Shawn Stockman

Don’t know who’s the parent

But apparently they are celebrity sons.


Winnie Harlow

Famous YouTuber with 12.2 million subscribers 

Jojo Siwa

Movie star + singer

Chloe Bailey


A completely different world, for real…..

They’re so awesome.


Favorite Pop Song (Butter)

Favorite Pop Duo or Group (Awardee for 3 consecutive years)

Artist of the Year (First Asian artist to win this daesang)

BTS who won these awards

Is amazing!!! Congrats congrats!!!!!!


1. [+108][-0] This is the father of those kids in the middle of this post.. Very thankful for him..

He’s called Mike Mahan, the first person to invite BTS to BBMA, AMAs, and New Year’s Rockin’ Eve..

2. [+104][-1] ..They’re not the celebrities but the organisers (?

3. [+88][-2] Becky G unnie❤️

4. [+21][-0] kekekeke It’s so cute how New Kids On The Block are wearing BTS merch kekekekekeke

5. [+12][-0] Those kids stood up and were so happy when it was announced that BTS won the daesang keke So cute.