Less than 100 days before Junmyeonie gets discharged from the military, so freaking happy ❤


1. [+120][-20] Fans are currently on a hiatus, but is Kim Junmyeon coming back? That’s the day when all the EXO-Ls suddenly get their senses back and scramble to get disciplined.

2. [+67][-3] 260

3. [+58][-3] 7

4. [+52][-0] With a face like that, you don’t even need to have fan love to have fans.. but honestly, Suho is the one who keeps fans’ hearts together whenever they’re having a hard time. I remember an incident at a music festival where some of the EXO-Ls were being treated badly by the security. “Do you protect the fans by taking pictures and making fun of them?” Suho spoke like that in a firm but polite voice. I was a muggle back then and was so surprised that an idol would come and say something like that. Kim Jun-Myeon, who hired a food truck for fans when they were queueing for a music show.. how can I not love you? Let’s be discharged soon.

5. [+29][-1] 259

6. [+28][-0] Seriously, his face makes everything better… He’s the first soldier whom I think suits the military uniform so much..

7. [+22][-0] 98

8. [+21][-0] 261