Her visuals are fxxxking dope kekekeke


1. [+82][-3] Personally I think Yuna looks better with innocent-style makeup more than idol-style ㅠㅠ She’s so pretty.

2. [+71][-3] Wow her eyes are really so big.

3. [+53][-5] She really looks like a freaking doll.

4. [+27][-2] Seriously, if I had that face, I would be tap dancing like crazy in front of my mirror every single night cus I’m too thankful for my parents, fk.

5. [+25][-0] Look at how glamorous Yuna’s face is.

6. [+25][-0] Wow, how can Yuna look so good just from preview pictures….? Really pretty.

7. [+13][-0] Yuna is unparalleled in this world, both her face and physique are perfect.

ITZY Yuna's Small Waist And Perfect Proportions