Heachan, who looks like a baby here.

Haechan, who eventually grew up like this.

Jeno’s childhood.

Jeno, who eventually grew to become this.

Jaemin, when he was a baby.

*trembles* He grew up really well….

Jisung, who was literally a baby.

Of course, he’s still our baby

But a 1.8m tall baby, taller than them now.

Meanwhile, why is Ten like this?

Why is he not aging.


1. I like that Dream has a lot of photos taken in the company kekeke

2. Ten doesn’t age.

3. Kekekeke our baby is 1.8m but he’s still a cutie.

4. Guys, Ten is really cute….who looks the same since debut and is a cat-like stage genius. Please watch over him a lot!

5. Jisung, why are you like a little sparrow? ㅜㅜ f**king cute

6. Ten is like Dream’s bookmark.

7. Baby Jeno is so cute.