Wow Jang Wonyoung Grew Up So Much

IZ*ONE debut pic vs IVE debut pic



1. [+106][-7] There’s not a single day where she’s not pretty. But she’s still a minor rn kekekeke Her future is really bright.

2. [+72][-9] She’s at her peak after losing her baby fat.

3. [+71][-6] Although she looks pure and innocent now, it’s still obvious she’s a kid. But back then, she was just a complete kid.

4. [+24][-0] She was 13~14 in this pic keke Such a kid.

5. [+9][-0] I still remember vividly how shooketh I was when I was watching PD101 in primary 6 and I found out that the super tall and freaking pretty girl who was dancing in white was only 15 yo.