1. [+257][-31] The level of shock this gave me is on the same level as when I first saw STAYC. They really chose the members so fxxking well….

2. [+188][-11] What’s up with those who are saying that their visuals are not so great kekeke ha keke All of them are close to 170 cm tall and they all have fxxking beautiful faces though…? I agree they’re pretty. I’ve always been a male group stan and this is the first time my heart’s fluttering for a girl group, fxxk. They’re sooooo fxxking pretty ㅠㅠ

3. [+106][-5] All of them are fxxking pretty and they’re all so charming.. Looking forward.

4. [+63][-1] As long as their skills are on-point, they’re gonna rise immediately.

5. [+44][-2] Ooo their visuals are on the same level as STAYC…. kekekekekekekekekeke I look forward to their debut too. Looks like they’re a group with a girl crush concept that’s different from STAYC’s.