Wait But Music Core….

What is going on…??

I was expecting something like princess x prince x earl for their halloween costumes.


Daeng(Puppy)-Olaf Jungwoo x Corpse Bride Minju x Sulley(Lee)Know… kekekekekekekekeke


1. [+165][-6] Who stole Kim Jungwoo’s snacks?

2. [+133][-6] Isn’t he too lovely?!?!

3. [+95][-6] It’s fine since he’s cute ^^

4. [+67][-4] Get Minjoo a top comment too. Congrats to her on her 500th day anniversary as an MC on Music Core❤️

5. [+54][-1] I really like WooJuHo so much. Y’all, be the MCs forever.