Aespa Inkigayo 1st Place Encore + Fancam Added

1. Wow, all 4 of them are really cool.

2. Jjang-spa (Jjang= awesome/best/amazing)

3. As expected, I knew they would do well.

4. Wow, did they sing this live?? It sounds really amazing..

5. Wow, all 4 are good..

6. Aespa is so likeable ㅠㅠ congratulations

7. Whoa.. indeed, a singer has to be good at singing.

8. Wow they did a good job.. really

9. These kids are really good at singing live *trembles*

10. I already knew that Winter and Ningning are good but what surprised me was that the other members were better than I expected..

11. Wow they’re f**king good.. did you hear their voice tone? It sounds exactly like the original song.