The Symmetry Of Karina & Yeji’s Face Is Amazing

Both of them are so perfect I didn’t even realise this was flipped kekeke Pretty


1. [+100][-13] Wow but Yeji’s face is freaking small. Both of them have small faces, but for Karina it feels like taking a face and shaving off the chin and the edges of the face (not saying she’s had plastic surgery done, just saying it feels like that, please don’t misunderstand), whereas for Yeji it feels like taking the whole face and shrinking it, maintaining the original ratio of the face.

2. [+61][-7] I really like Yeji.

3. [+56][-14] Karina’s makeup on that day was legendary ㅜㅜ

4. [+35][-7] Karina that day.

5. [+27][-17] Upvote, downvote this. Light Fury and Toothless ♥