The treatment Jisoo is getting from Dior

Clothes they tell her to wear for her concerts kekekekekekekekekeke

You can really tell she’s receiving much love from Dior.

If you watch the video, everytime Jisoo says something is pretty they tell her to take it kekekeke

The fact that Dior’s CEO said they’re gonna take Jisoo if she gets fired by YG is just…

Seriously, she’s living in a different world.


1. [+115][-9] Jisoo’s visuals play a part for sure. They already had a fanbase before but thanks to Jisoo, their young fanbase expanded by so fxxking much. The price went up by so damn much too, fxxk..

2. [+103][-11] Dior fxxking loves Jisoo. They treat her like a princess.

3. [+75][-5] I mean I watched the video too, and when they said those clothes are for her concerts kekekekekeke cute.

4. [+47][-3] Princess-nim.

5. [+40][-17] It would be nice if her English was a bit better. I watched this and the things she said when reacting were all the same, what a pity ㅠㅠ

6. [+40][-3] She’s the sweetheart of Dior. Our Jisoo….she’s their youngest niece.

7. [+40][-5] Look at what the Dior Creative Director told Jisoo.

8. [+40][-3] Jisoo is the Human Dior recognised by Dior themselves.