Look at the temperature difference between V and Jungkook’s wink

Jungkookie looks kinda shy when he winks.

While Taehyungie signals the camera to come close before he fires off a wink kekekekeke

Maybe it’s because V and Jungkook’s appearances are complete opposites?

It really feels like watching Nick and Judy kekekekekekeke The conclusion is, both of them are super duper freaking handsome.


1. [+268][-3] They are fxxking cute keke

2. [+226][-5] Look at him smiling after winking, cute kekekekeke

3. [+165][-16] So fxxking heart-fluttering. My man is so cool when he beckons me over.

4. [+92][-1] They’re really elementary school kids kekekekekekekeke it was so cute kekekeke

5. [+70][-1] They’re so cool.

6. [+67][-1] Kids kekekekekekekeke

7. [+65][-1] Sigh, I really feel like I’m gonna faint because of Kim Taehyung… And the maltese next to him, what he so cute for.. One thing at a time please, seriously.. Cute or cool, choose one please ㅠㅠ

8. [+49][-1] But his teddy bear self takes over in just a second.