4th in the Top 100 chart

All songs on the Real-Time chart

Title song Savage entered no.1 on the Real-Time chart


1. [+224][-21] No but why are you guys clenching your teeth and trying so hard to deny this? You can’t change the fact that they have unrivalled results among the 4th generation groups.

2. [+166][-10] This is crazy ke ke ke hasn’t it been less than a year since they debuted?

3. [+152][-14] As the saying goes, if you get hated on Pann, you’ll succeed.

Aespa Savage album pre-order – breaks through 400k copies….sign of a new craze

4. [+65][-189] They’re rookies now, so of course they’ll do well kekekeke but the song is really bad kekekeke they’ll be like ITZY and eventually the general public will forget them as they continue on their strange path kekekeke I can just see it all happening especially with a song like this kekekeke still, because they’re from SM, I had expected better.

5. [+63][-0] Wow..4th place in the Top 100 chart is insane.

6. [+55][-2] As expected, when they first debuted, they received so much hate and now they’ve become top tier f**king fast.

7. [+53][-0] They ranked 1st in the shortest time since Melon’s reorganisation kekekeke.

8. [+51][-0] The ranking is rising again keke.

9. [+44][-0] But Ning Ning sang really well..her high notes and vocal tone is just so good.