It’s so small.. She’s like a doll.


1. [+69][-20] For real.. She’s a doll.

2. [+58][-25] She’s really so pretty kekekekeke

3. [+44][-13] Her aura is just like that of a model. Daebak.

4. [+23][-13] Just a quick look and it’s obvious her face ain’t small, bruh.

5. [+20][-10] I think Rosé is the prettiest.

6. [+15][-6] But when I think about it, Blackpink is really awesome. Usually, in a lot of other groups there are members who are not pretty or short if they sing or dance well, but they have it all kekekeke Blackpink seems like a group where all the members are the most well-balanced and yet good at doing their main job.

7. [+10][-0] Pretty