It’s only been 2 days since the release but they’re at 78th place on Melon and out of the Genie chart.

Looking at how they’re hitting a new low with ‘Loco’ this time, following ‘Not Shy’ and ‘MAFI In The Morning’, it seems like there’s basically no expectations from ITZY anymore. The music charts reflect it all.


1. [+330][-13] I thought they would snatch the tier 1 spot when they came out with ‘Dalla Dalla’..

2. [+240][-67] 4th gen girl groups: aespa >>>>>>> STAYC >>>>>> ITZY. Somi who went solo under YG’s label after leaving JYP is really a legend keke

3. [+202][-10] Wow; it’s not easy for a Big 3 girl group to turn out like this in an instant.

4. [+186][-9] Too bad for Yuna, Ryujin and Yeji,, All 3 of them are so perfect, sigh.

5. [+179][-3] Why do they always release at 1pm KST? Fxxking funny how they released it at 1pm KST on Friday hoping that a song like this would appeal to the US.

6. [+192][-8] Yuna is still a kid. Even if she goes to another group, she could still be the center.

7. [+144][-3] No.. but except for the groups that can chart on the Billboard charts or on Spotify in the US, isn’t it pointless to release the song at 1 pm..

8. [+64][-4] Lia, please explain the school bullying.

9. [+54][-2] The members are all good….but their fandom is a bit weak. Why isn’t the fandom united??