BTS Jungkook

TXT Beomgyu


: I collected these pics from Pann


1. [+285][-31] Long-haired Jeonghan. I developed a condition where I cry every time I see this picture.

2. [+242][-27] Jeonghan and Beomgyu really look so beautiful.

3. [+202][-25] Jeonghan is handsome.

4. [+161][-24] Long-haired Jungkook.

5. [+126][-17] Jungkookie  ㅜㅜ

6. [+122][-5] All the hairstyles are great, but long blond hair especially makes me crazy.

7. [+88][-5] Choi Beomgyu is so cute with long hair and apple hair (where they tie a bit at the top to make it look like an apple stalk).

8. [+86][-12] V with long hair.