Jennie became the new global face of the Chanel Coco Neige.

It will be available to the public on Sep 28.

Personally I think she suits that type of makeup perfectly. She’s fxxking beautiful.


1. [+102][-8] I think the makeup’s a bit of a pity though… I feel like she would look prettier if it was this type of smoky makeup.


2. [+100][-6] This is the 2nd campaign advertisement in Korea following GD’s one in 2017! As the name suggests, she has become the face of Chanel.

3. [+79][-6] But Jennie really suits Chanel…


4. [+41][-4] Perfect match with Chanel.


5. [+32][-8] The number of downvotes though kekekeke Looks like y’all are working hard on feeling inferior to Jennie.


6. [+29][-4] Looks like Jennie is still really popular….the downvotes on this article kekekeke she’s popular so its only natural.

7. [+27][-3] Pretty

7. [+25][-2] Blackpink really has a lot of good news these days…awesome.

8. [+22][-0] Chanel Jennie.