Do you think Arin is pretty or just so-so?

Upvote if you think she’s pretty, downvote if you think she’s not.


1. [+133][-15] Her pure and pleasantly simple style is pretty.

2. [+117][-11] I know you’re an aggro but Arin’s really pretty in that picture.

3. [+66][-4] Super pretty,, She’s the type who’s popular with both guys and girls.

4. [+47][-40] She’s obviously pretty, but she’s not super pretty, no..?

5. [+47][-4] If she looks like that in pictures, she must be fxxking pretty in real life… She’s really my ideal type.

6. [+43][-2] I was shocked when I saw Arin in The Fifth Season because she was so pretty kekekeke Isn’t Arin honestly one of the top female idols when it comes to pretty face?

7. [+33][-1] Of course, pretty.

8. [+24][-2] Wow she’s pretty. I’m obsessed with the picture of her in the red dress.