Jin: Guys, Happy Chuseok (Autumn eve) in advance.

Fan: What’s Chuseok???? Hoseok’s brother????

Cute international fan


1. [+54][-0] Cute international fan who doesn’t know about Chuseok but knows that Koreans use generation names kekekekekekeke

2. [+40][-0] Meet soon kekekekekekekekekeke

Jung Hoseok’s hidden brother:

Jung Chuseok

Happy birthday in advance to Jung Chuseok

J-Hope: We’re gonna see our Chuseokie soon

3. [+36][-0] I still find this fxxking funny every single time ㅜkeke

4. [+12][-0] kekekekekekekekekeke Fxxking cute.

5. [+2][-0] Hoseok’s brother, faq kekekekekekekekeke