Jaehyun and Jungwoo’s cross choreo is so dope.


1. [+98][-3] They’re insane.

2. [+94][-2] Both of them have fxxking long legs and they’re 180+. Plus they’re slim so it’s fun to see their performances. Especially the contrast between black and white, it’s really..

3. [+59][-1] https://youtu.be/sa-gt9nGxcw That GIF is from the live stage yesterday. Their live singing, their dance, their visuals, their outfits, everything was insane.

3. [+45][-0] No but look at Kim Jungwoo’s glo up… Awesome.

4. [+43][-0] Today’s Jungwoo.

To Cizenies!

Let’s be together ~until the day where we get to see each other soon~

Until the day we meet again, fighting!

5. [+41][-0] What’s up with Jungwoo’s proportions… Fxxking dope.

6. [+37][-0] Roommates holding hands during dance practice.

7. [+33][-0] Their faces are legendary.

8. [+27][-0] Take my heart.

9. [+22][-0] I think they’re the best facial combination in NCT.

10. [+19][-0] Both are really cute.

11. [+17][-0] Cuties.